how to make a dynamic simulation for swallow ?

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i saw this gif from wreck it ralph trailer for a rabbit eating and his mouth moves are so realastic and looks dynamic so how to make some thing like that ?


it is done with shapekeys on the charakter and some baked fluid sim or metaball object animation for the jam arround the mouth. the jam is also deformed arround the mouth. this can be done in blender with mesh deform modifier… there are other ways to do that but there is also a clever mesh replacement or “cut” for the jam animation when the cake disapears. that`s what i see and can tell you.

edit… everythings you see is not a dynamic simulation. it is done with some animation tricks.

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African or European swallow?


did I write some stupid things because of my poor english?

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No I made a really bad joke that makes virtually no sense.


o.k… I wish we all had the same language to understand that bad jokes. Non virtually it makes sense :wink:

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Ok, so in the original question, the OP asks about a “simulation for a swallow”
Now swallow is a verb in English, as in swallow some water, and it is also a type of small bird. There is a famous Monty Python sketch about swallows (the bird) which I will link to here as the Particle forum is pretty slow:

[link youtube

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now i got it :smiley: another keyword is concorde that makes me smile. cheers photox

what ever… back to the swallow problem…

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Not quite dead yet, oh hush up.

Yeah, it’s definitely an effect that could be done like ten different ways in blender. Shapekeys are probably the easiest to control.

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sorry for my bad english I tried to make some thing like that using cloth physics pinning and weight painting but it still have a problem not look good :3

when i move the ball cross the object hole it’s give me this weird look

my blender file

untitled.blend (849 KB)

the tutorial i used

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UPDATE i maked it with meshdeform it’s better but not perfect still need some work

untitled.blend (4.91 MB)


Hi elshark,

it is always difficult to tell things when it is not clear what people whant to do. What do you think about this? link to the scene is down there. It is realy like Photox said too… There are realy lots of ways to do that. I would not do it with simulating physics for everything. Because you don`t have lots of control and it can take a lot of time for calculation when it becomes more complex. Maybe bake the rigid body sim and use modifiers and shapekeys.
This can be done with modifiers. The mesh deform was maybe not the best idea for your scene.

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wow thank you i’ts give me very good result