How to make a .exe more lighter

Hi, I made some .exe files with the “Save Runtime” option of Blender, and they’re heavy a lot. I’m trying to run them in a 128 Mb RAM PC.
Anyone knows how to make them more lighter?

heavy as in framerate?
The .exe are generaly more complex, as they aren’t runnung with the blender program behind them, and blenderplayer is running full-speed

Well, I think you’re going to have a hard time getting a decent frame rate in a 128MB RAM PC. Here are some speed tips, though:

Blender Game Reference - Performance and Design Issues

Beyond that, all textures need to be dimensioned in powers of 2 pixels, for example 64x64 pixels or 512x128 pixels. This should drastically improve your speed if you didn’t have that set up right.


Thanks for the help, Blendenzo.
I saw your site, it’s pretty good!!!