How to make a filmstrip (with pyhton?)

Hi there,

Is it possible to make a filmstrip? I tried using dupliframes and texture the movie on a plane, but then every duplicate has the same movie frame instead of counted by 1. And making duplis real doesnt help either…

I assume that i need a python script? But my programming skills are very bad…

Any help appreciated

Thanx Twan

What does “a filmstrip” look like to you? Is it like a slide show, or a continuous movie?

You probably do not need to use Python to create any sort of movement or sequence-of-actions in Blender. But at this point I really don’t understand your description of what you are trying to do.

Is it “a strip of film,” with pictures on it? Sprocket-holes and all of that? Well, that is usually done by creating a long image, with all of the desired frames (and the sprocket-holes and such) on it, and then laying that onto a plane as a texture. To make the film “move,” you can either move the plane or you can change the so-called “UV coordinates” of the image so that it moves along the length of the film … which in fact does not move. That, also, can be done without Python.

What i mean by a filmstrip is to have a string of planes, and every plane has one frame of the movie. WIth the camera i can see the part of the string as it flies along the planes…