How to make a game installer

Loads of people are trying to download installers off the internet because making your own requires Visual Basic (free) and knowledge of VBscript.

Windows already has an installer maker built in.

It’s called iexpress and essentially it’s a self extracting cabinet file maker, which is what an installer is.

  • Steps:
    Click run (search box in vista/7)
  • run iexpress.exe
  • choose to make a self extracting cabinet
  • if you require a command to run for your game to work (e.g. detect if GLSL shaders are present) then you could either do it directly in the wizard using DOS or tell it to run a javascript/whatever config file.
    Simple (:

I think this is a great thread and should be moved to the resource forum.
I use “Inno Setup” myself and also recommend that because of its easy “make setup guide”

good idea!
but I think it should be kept here as well because this is where people tend to look for every game related help topic there is :L

Is Inno free?

thank you so much! Now I know how to make an installer:)

Is Inno free?

Yeap, both for commercial and non-commercial works!

wow thanks!

no probs guys :smiley:
and i’ll give inno a look sounds good (:

inno is great.