How to make a game look more realistic

Hey guys, i was wondering what i can improve on, and maybe some tips or tricks to make a game like this

look like this

They use more polygons :slight_smile:

High Quality Textures are based on real world Photography and then digitally edited, i think…

That’s like asking, how to make this:

Look like this:
There are tons of things you can do.

You should be more specific :slight_smile:

What about your screenshot would do you want to look like the graphics in Fallout 3? The biggest thing I would suggest right now are high quality, well done normal maps with good lighting. Showing depth increases realism. Right now everything looks flat.

Edit: And change that default blue background it’ll look 10x better :smiley:

Did you do that first one by yourself? How many people you thing there have been on making fallout 3? I counted 160 persons, but maybe i counted wrong. So first try to hire some people doing this with you.

How do you go from this

To this?


It took only one man to change this

To this

Study and practice a lot.

you need dedicated artists for your project.
It will require a lot of effort to hire a good ones, thats why I suggest you make a solid fundament first - good game mechanics, gameplay, story.

but more polygons = less objects you can have in a scene before it gets really slow

and how do i use normal maps without being in glsl?

Regarding polygons, you could use an LOD system, so that only the nearby objects have higher polygons than that of far behind.

Also the polygon is processed by your CPU, so it depends on your CPU clock speed as well.

Photo realistic textures and you’ll need to use Shaders as well to make your game looks cool.

Regarding normalmaps, i’m afraid you’d need GLSL to make it work.:frowning:

That’s like turning this
into this
Sorry, had to make a Harry Potter reference XD

I agree, poor question lol. But you need to spend a lot of time, and learn a lot. You’ll need to be good at modeling, use normal maps, good lighting, shaders, good textures, etc. to get the graphics you want. It’s not easy. You’ll have to spend a LOT of time learning how to do it well. Practice a lot, look at tutorials. That’s all I can really say. Keep in mind, industry games have TEAMS of PROFESSIONALS doing everything. You can never expect to get results like that without taking tons (and I mean tons) of time. And don’t expect it to be easy!

you need dedicated artists for your project.
It will require a lot of effort to hire a good ones, thats why I suggest you make a solid fundament first - good game mechanics, gameplay, story.

100% agree.
Gameplay first for game.

thank you for actually telling me what i can improve on, and not just mocking me, and i will look for some more people to help me, and (noob question) what are shaders?

Shaders I guess came from shadows so they are what create any shadding effect on the object(any material effect made with textures or any material settings), one thing that I ve noticed and I really think that is kind of absurd on this topic is that you need a good computer in order to have a good and actual game running, if your computer cant run even normal maps you ll have a hard time in order to achieve sutch realistic quality. I think that you can do something with simpler graphics but never create something realistic like modern games, first in order to reach that quality you ll need a more actual computer with a graphic card, otherwise you ll never reach that, a lot of guys ll say that this isnt is true, but unfortunably it is.

good comparison!

the greater difference , really , seem the color , the realistic image have less color

PS:blue shoes of the third player (from right to left) is horrible :smiley: :wink:

Do not forget:

  • it is more important to keep the game look consistent rather then have a few “super-realistic-looking” things.

That means if you want to do such output all of the output should match the same look. This multiplies the overall modelling time. If you already can estimate how much models you need you might be able to estimate how long it will take.

Team members will help to decrease the development time. (But the amount of work is even higher).

" Real Life uses LOD system "

Well made normal maps,specular maps,good use of shaders and 2 d filters , realtime shadows (not quite possible with bge ).
Polycount is not as important as textures so focus more on textures than polygons.
Try not to repeat too much and dont make everythimg look clean.

That’s really good advice. I hate when people fill their game with perfectly clean textures!