How to make a ghost object collide with a compound objct

Hi all,
i wonder how can i make the box attached to my characters hand which is set to ghost collide with the enemy s dynamic box that is set to compound therefore avoiding the attack collision…i temporarily set the sensor to near just to see the enemys lifebar change for testing purposes but its not precise at all,i dont even need to attack to take the enemys hp,how can i achieve the best solution for that?
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You should think about your design.

If your design is when hand toches the enemy the enemy gets injured - this is the expected behaviour.
[I assume it is a super warrior with a super damaging hand. Whatever the hand touches gets destroyed :evilgrin: I wonder how he eats ;)]

If you want to injure the enemy only when the player is attacking - you need to add an “attackmode” to the player - then you have to ask:

touching the enemy and player in attackMode?
yes = injure Enemy
no = patting :wink:

Possible solutions for attack mode:

  • Property value
  • State
  • Add the “damaging” box when attacking only
  • you could scale it to zero and place it in the hand if not needed
  • you could use the Edit object actuator (addObject/End mode)


Lol thanks man,yeah i know that doesnt sound kwl but i was just trying to injure the enemy,i will use weapons later but as i said ,i made that only for testing purposes…the state mode seems to fit perfectly in this case!
just a question,i m thinking of creating a skill,like a shinny one, how can i achieve such a thing? is there any tutorial available for that? im not sure if i will have to use particles or not but u might no better than me,how u also hook me up with that?
thanks in advance,

Hi Monster,
what if i upload the file,can u make such a change for me? or build some examples based on what u said above?
i will be looking forward for ur reply,if the answer is positive then i ll upload the file for ya!
Thanks again,