How to make a Grease Pencil drawing visible for all objects?

How do you make a Grease Pencil drawing visible, no matter which object you select?

Grease pencil is bound to objects but you could link the grease pencil datablock to each object you want.
Or you could copy it from active to all selected with python:

for obj in C.selected_objects: 
    if( !=
        obj.grease_pencil = C.active_object.grease_pencil

Thank you for your reply! That sounds extremely interesting - how do you do that?

Uh, I’m afraid I don’t know how to use Python. :frowning:

Select another object and instead of adding new grease pencil, select already existing from the list.

Or select all objects, the one with grease pencil lines last (active selection) and could then run that script in the Python console. I updated the script in the original post because I seem to have deleted too much before posting and some of it was missing.

Edit: more about datablocks

Absolutely fantastic - thank you again, you’ve been a great help! I thought this list were for selecting customized brushes, not drawings/layers.

Also thank you for the YouTube link. I feel a bit less lost now when I see the word ‘datablock’. :slight_smile: