how to make a limit for the loop cut tool

are there any way for making the loop cut not going to certain vertex group in the mesh ? as you see in the image when i click on ctrl + r the loop cut go through all the character from her head to her foot but i want to not add any new loop cut to the character head so are there any way for that ?

You can dissolve edges that you don’t want. However in doing so you will create more than 4 point quads where you dissolve the section of the loop you want. Select the section of the loop you want then “x” to delete and when the sub menu pops up you select dissolve and the selected section of verts/edges will be removed.

Although this is not the ideal method it works if doing something simple. The main thing to steer clear of is bad topology that will require a bunch of unneeded loops. You could also once you get your base mesh set up go into sculpt mode and sculpt out the details and such that you are wanting then shrinkwrap/retopologize and that will get rid of most all the non-quad sections and uneeded loops.

But that is just my opinion. Others will probably chime in with better methods or other work arounds.

Hide the polygons at each end of the loop cut then make the cut.

wow that’s so easy mr. kevjon thanks for your reply

thanks mr FlyingBanana for your replay