how to make a low poly christmass tree?

does nybody has seen a tut on how to make a low poly christmass tree
which looks like something real?

i mean i can make one high res with may be 50 000 vertices
but that’s not easy/ fast to work with

so how can this be done with low poly and still keep it looking real?

happy 2.5

maybe try to use a few cones on top of eachother, and work with textures if it is a background object.
if you are going to be closer try using the curve to tree script, but i dont know how well that’ll turn out (i personally hate it).
if not maybe try to model a few branches and use particle effects to look like the spiky leaves they have.
hope this gave you some ideas.

looking at other forum for curve to tree and tut from blenderguru

i’ll try this script and the video tut and see if there is anyway of making something less then 50 000 vertices! LOL


for some reason I imagine a dr. suess type tree.
now… if I can only figure out how to put snow on it?


this looks more like a cartoon tree then a real tree!

but nice one


You could try ngPlant, it has some nice features:-

There is a user guide here:-

…and some examples:-

Arbaro is nice too. It has some good looking presets and exports an .obj:-

(Note: You don’t need Povray, they can be rendered with Blender)

[ATTACH=CONFIG]123145[/ATTACH]did one manually

and a fake one too

see pic


If you create the tree stem and branches im pretty sure that a simple particle system could result in a realistic tree. There is a good tutorial on that will teach you to make a tree that im sure you can use for your project. I’m still a blender noob so I’m not 100% sure that what I told you is accurate but I still hope it helps.

well i saw this blenderguru tut
it’s well made but still using the old 2.49 tree to curve
which is supposed to be low poly but can easoly get over 200 000 vertices
which is not quit low poly anymore!

but there might a way by using some particules system instancing
but not certain how to do this !

there is also A new script being made by Ecrivain which might do the trick
but not yet completed
i hope this one keep the low poly goal here ! LOL

anybody has a tut on this ?