how to make a mesh "sit" on a particular face?

Hello all :slight_smile:
I have a problem that looks simpe, but maybe it is not so.
I have an icosphere that I want to orient in a way that it “sits” on one of it’s faces. And I want to do it precisely, not by rotating by hand. In other words I want to align the object’s Z axis with the normal Z axis of that face, so that when I clear the rotation afterwards the object will be “sitting” on that face.
So I could create a custom orientation from that face, but what next? I can’t apply this orientation to the object itself, can I?
I am stuck here, please help!

You can use an empty to enable you to set the axis to a particular face. It’s a bit long winded so here’s a quick demo

Richard Marklew,

you are a great supporter and teacher, thank you, I learned some new thinks here!


Very quck, nice and precise answer :slight_smile: Looks like you did that demo especially for me :slight_smile: Thank you!
Actually this helped me to find another solution: a script designed for the purpose:
Essentially it does exactly the same, just a little bit faster maybe when several objects are involved.
But for a single object your technique being a generic one is better.