How to make a movie - I want in.

So I have a script and storyboard in mind for a animated short that I’ve been toying with for about a year now. I want it to turn out really nice, but I don’t have too much experience. I’ve been using Blender for years and I even one a contest with a 30 second commercial I made, but it’s always been low priority for me. I’d really like to learn film production basics and what making a quality 3d movie entails hands on.

I remember seeing a thread on this somewhere, but is there anywhere I can sign up to participate in someones open movie so I can get an idea for how to do it myself? (I can’t promise that I’ll commit any time to this since my wife is expecting twins)

The Sintel dvd’s have some inside info on the process (from the doco to the tutorials)

A good place for you to look could be - it is a place for people to get together and make movies, you may find something to join in and learn or maybe even some help starting yours. is another short that is in early production - you may find some helpful info in the forums.

Although extremely basic, I found this link to be useful.

I checked out wreckamovie but I’m not very keen on any of the productions going on there. OpenMuffin looks fun though.