how to make a movie out of pictures?

Hi I’m doing an animation which have a total of about 1300 frames and I can’t do the whole thing at once so I want to do it in pictures and then put them together into a movie, but how do you do that? The putting together part.

First, make sure when you render your still images, they are numbered sequentially (this is the default, so you probably don’t have to do anything.) Then, read about the video sequence editor. The “how to” instructions for Rendering a Video from an Image Sequence Set are near the bottom of the link.

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thanks for the answer. : )

I once made a 900 frame animation collecting all the pictures of each take to its own symbolic directory, then listing them by text file, for example:

ls tramo/n/*.png >>list # 30
ls tramo/e/*.png >>list # 30
ls tramo/o/*.png >>list # 30
ls tramo/s/*.png >>list # 30
ls tramo/u/*.png >>list # 25
ls tramo/i/*.png >>list # 35

To combine a movie of them I then wrote:

transcode -i list -x imlist,null -g 320x240 -y xvid,null --use_rgb -f 30 -o animationCan.ogg -H 0 -z

The resulting film converted to flv is here:

It is of course a bit work, but when learned (copy-pasteing and so…) the right way, you can even save time this way.

[email protected] thank you, I’m not very experienced when it comes to coding (I’m only 16…) but my dad is so I think it’ll work fine. I’ll try it out : )

barts video sequencer tutorial in the 2.3 manual is good. I believe it is online somewhere.

VirtualDub also processes image sequences. Just google for it. Everyone should have it. :wink: