How to make a multiplayer game

Does anyone know how I can make a multiplayer game in Blender.
We create our game, but we want to have another character in this game.
So do you have any advise/tips I like to hear this :slight_smile:

i am not sure what type of bge are you using armory or upbge,
but back thin ther used to be some socket script addons that helped people creating a multiplayer game, for thous who cant create there own,
but now i am not sure

I think, cloud data concept is using to make.

I remember about an addon for networked multiplayer, but no idea about the quality of it, or how to use it…

On the other hand, if you just want two players on the same machine, simply setup two sets of keyboard bindings (like WASD for player one and the arrows for player two, maybe even just support multiple controllers!)

Now for networked multiplayer, you will have to master Python and network programming using sockets directly or indirectly:

@alisajoycee sorry, what do you mean?



Thanks everyone,

I did find some interresting thing:
Other people that are strugeling can maby use this.