How to make a papertexture in cycles?

Iv’e started on a project where I’m making low-poly meshes:yes:.
For this i want to make texture that enables me to give the models a papery look. Iv’e done some searching, but I can’t find anything useful. Please tell me how to make a paper-like texture in cycles (I’t don’t have to be cycles but I prefer that).

(Quick render just to show a example:)

PS. If you need some more info please tel me!!!


Here’s what I would use as the ingredients.

-A glossy shader with a very high roughness (> 0.5).
-A low, but non-zero roughness value for the diffuse shader
-And a little bit of translucency with the translucent shader (but not too much).

Thank you for answering:evilgrin:!!!
Rely helped me A LOT (even though I probably did something wrong).
I just got one question:eek::
Is there a way to “higlight” the edges:confused:?

Is there a way to “higlight” the edges:confused:?
You can use the Freestyle post processing options to create various effects

Nice! Thank you!:yes: