How to make a perfect oval while texture painting

So right now I’m making of a model of an egg creature thing (Think of the Chao’s in the Sonic adventure games when they wear the egg shell on their heads), and I’ve gotten everything down about the texturing and model, except I need to do the eyes. For the eyes I wanted to paint on black ovals to make it look like there’s holes where the character see’s through the egg (Like the Chao’s wearing the egg). It turns out really sloppy and bad when I draw it (especially since I’m using a mouse) Is there a way to either do like a select+drag thing where you create the oval, or something like that in Blender? I tried taking the UV map and adding the eye holes in since there’s a way to create ovals there, and I just painted it black, but I can’t seem to change the uvmap for the model I’m using to the one with the eye holes instead of the one that doesn’t. Are there any tutorials or can someone walk me through on how to do this?

Ehm, what exactly is the problem with changing the UV map? Can you upload a blend and describe in more detailed what you tried that didn’t work?

Oh I actually found some help elsewhere, thank you though! I just textured the eyes in a seperate software and then applied it to the mesh. :smiley: