How to make a plane "wobble"?

So I want to take a plane with an image projected onto it (I assume doing that is not hard) and have it “wobble”. Basically I want it to look something like this (the “biggest cheque” part). It doesn’t have to wave that much (like a flag), but more like a 8.5x11 piece of paper or something.

Any ideas on how to do that?

A good place to start would be subdividing the plane several times to give you some verts to work with, then add a wave modifier to it. Set the modifier to only work on one axis. Adjust the modifier’s settings as needed. To randomize any settings of the modifier so it doesn’t appear to be the same motion over time, insert a key frame for the value of the modifier and go to the graph editor, adding a noise modifier to the f-curve for that key frame.

Another option would be to use a displace modifier and use a generated texture like ‘wood’…


I appreciate the response. I tried what you said, but I had some problem. First of all, when I imported my image, I initially thought it didn’t work. Then realized that if I zoomed way in the image was about a micron in size. So I scaled it to 500+ times it’s original size and now I can see it. Then when I apply the wave modifier, the entire plane moves up and down but doesn’t actually bend much (if any). Then I figured I wasn’t doing modifier right, and so I added a normal plane (no image). This time, I forgot to subdivide it first, and noticed it behaving the same as my image plane. So then I subdivided my new plane several times and sure enough, it started waving like you’d expect. However, my image plane is subdivided, yet it acts like it is not. Any ideas on what’s going on?