How to make a plate wider without increasing height?

I have this beautiful plate here, which I want to scale without increasing it’s height nor it’s border. So that I can make plates of different sizes (S, M, L, XL). The unselected part should be unaffected. How can I do this?

HI, you could scale it in object mode.

Simply scaling it, would also affect the height of the plate, which I don’t want.

Use only a single side and the solidify modifier, rather than modelling the thickness into it.

??? In Edit mode, scaling only on the X&Y. Unselected bits will be unaffected.

This should be straightforward, perhaps there’s more to the problem?

Guys, sorry for the confusion. As you can see on the right, I have the height and the width of the border of the plate which I want to keep. When I simply scale the plate, the height and border of the plate increases as well. How to scale without affecting these two?

Like I said, the solidify modifier. Both of these are exactly the same model, with one being duplicated, scaled to half size, and scale being applied.

EDIT: The thickness of the solidify is deliberately exaggerated here. You probably don;t want a plate that thick.

scale XY with Shift Z

should not change the Z value !

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I still think there’s some language confusion but:

if the plate were generated using the ‘Screw’ modifier, which everyone else (properly) calls “lathe” , you would simply Move the border area in and out from the center: the border would stay the same, and the plain middle would get larger/smaller.

You describe exactly what I want, but it seems like you can only do this by using a “lathe”?

@RickyBlender, this is a half solution, because the border of the plate which I marked with a blue circle, still becomes stretched. But thanks anyway, Shift Z might be useful in the future :slight_smile:

yes if would change the shape a little function of change in scale
but not much

otherwise need to redo it from scratch !

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Plate.blend (544.8 KB)

you could use the screw modifier with 1 iteration
and adjust steps

then you can adjust the shape in edit mode to get what you want as a modifier

easy to adjust it


spin-circular-array1.blend (317.1 KB)

same idea for 2.8

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