how to make a portal

I want to put a texture on a object . I want the texture to be the camera view of another layer. I already made a video of the other layer and put that on the object on the first layer (I did not like doing it this way). I tried environmental maps from a second layer ( I do not believe this will work well ).
I want to duplicate the subject have him on two layers . Have a plane or portal showing a animation from the second layer as its texture.
Any ideas?


I think that You could use the UV project modifier. Here it´s a link to a videotutorial about:

Thanks I’ll take a look.

You can Google them to take you to their official sites or mirror ones. Note that they use one scripting language or another. If you’re not comfortable using scripts, then you can try free portal templates offered by free sites. You can used these templates to simplify you site foundation. But if you’re looking for a good portal system, try one of those above.

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