How to make a python script?

How do I make a python script?

Begin with:
¤ this book if you’ve never programmed:

And then continue with this one:

Have a nice read :wink:
don’t forget the Library reference from

To make Python scripts you need to write some Python :slight_smile:

But I have a question, lets say I made a nice and useful script for Blender. How can I share this with other people? Who is submitting scripts in web page or is there any other better place?

You cant because snakes dont have fingers.

you open up a connation with a keyboard and type in a text window then save as *.py but to run it you need python installed.

I think it is a lot simpler than any of that. I’m not 100% sure, but in Blender, switch to the Scripting Screen Layout
In the big text box there type the following line:

print “hello world”

Then with your cursor in the text window, press Alt-P. Or in the text window header, select File->Run script

Now look at the Blender console window. If it says “hello world” CONGRATULATIONS you have just run your first Python script.

I see what you did there.