How to make a reticle in the BGE

I know how to make an overlay scene, and how to make it show, but I just don’t know how to texture a plane and then have the texture, a red aiming reticle, show. Please help me I know I am a noob. :slight_smile:

Which mode are you using? Texture face or GLSL? If you’re using tex face, make an image with alpha with the reticle on it. then unwrap(U key) the plane in edit mode and open the image. Go to Texture face in the editing tab, and click on alpha. that should work with the overlay scene.

Try checking this out

Ok, thanks, I’ll check out the tutorial, and I’m a noob so I kinda didn’t understand a lot of what Mcguinnessdr said. But thanks! :slight_smile: P.S. Im kind of young…

ok, I followed the tutorial to the bone but when I made my custom reticle follow the mouse it wasn’t see through like in the tut. It was the retical on the plane but instead of just being the retical it showed the plane and made the retical square…I’ll post a picture.
See? Its white at the edges… Any ideas?

edit: don’t do that

be sure that:

you have the correct uv texture

texture face materials are clip alpha

you are in texture view

and that you have texture face materials chosen

Follow the tutorial step by step, you must have missed step 8.