How to make a rockpile?

I’m trying to come up with a good way to make a rockpile. I made a plane into a hill, and I would like to cover the hill with rocks. I’m not sure what the best method for this would be, though. I tried dupliverts and static particles, but both of them look too ordered, and I’m not sure how to make variety amongst the rocks so they won’t all look the same. Any ideas?

Duplicate a rock 3 times and use PET to make them all different. Then duplicate all of them and scale bigger. Duplicate them again and scale smaller, and again both ways if you want more. Then use Harkymans DroptoGround script, or Rednuht’s Saltshaker script to randomize their position.


Scatter and Drop with zTrack
Vertex Randomiser
Subdivide Multi Fractal
Subdivide Smooth
Proportional Editing
Modifier Subsurf