How to make a rope in Blender.

Hi everyone.

Have added another youtube movie. This time on how to make a rope in Blender.

As usual I speak Swedish, BUT I have added english subtitles as well for all non Swedish speaking blender friends out there.

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to give me some feedback.

The link is:

thanks for the tut. Here is my attempt and thank you again.

Very good! Looks really soft though, like that kind going round a bathrobe :). I hope you found it easy to follow my tut and as I wrote earlier… if I have missed anything, something was unclear or made in a clumpsy way or if I was to quick in certain parts just tell me so I can be better on the next tutorial.

Anyway, always nice to see someone actually going for it!

Good tutorial. Thank you. After my first attempt it look like this. Not rendered yet.

Om du tittar under Tutorials, Tips and Tricks - Write me your tutorial wishes “Rig a piston with 2 empties and Constraints”

ser du en bifogad blendfil. Jag försökte rigga pistongen med hjälp av en gammal tutorial för Blender 2.49 men jag fick det inte att funka. Är du bra på detta.