How to make a rope?

Hi all,
I want to model a rope - like for ships, cranes, and so on - but until now I couldn’t work it out.
I searched for tutorials or hints in elysiun, web or what else - but … no good tutorials found.
But perhaps I am still a beginner in collecting hints or there isn’t really nothing on the web what could help me.
I figured out that I have to use DupliFrames for making such a rope, but if I want i.e. 6 threats building up a rope how could I do this?

Any help would be nice.


Check out the script on this page.

Koba’s post.

Unless your rope is going to have to stand up to extreme close up detail, just map a texture to a cylinder or extruded curve. This will also greatly lower your render time.

2 ways

One, make a curve, make a curvecircle and set the curvecircle to be the bevob and for more control convert to mesh

Two, make a circle, extrude it a ton of times and use proportional editing on the rings.

Thanks to Enzoblue, Superdan and Kansas_15,

what I am exactly looking for is a method to model a rope like the following (simple googling):

The exactly question is:
How can I model for example the three strings around each other to form a rope like in the pictures. And this rope should follow a user definable curve.

here’s a tut by theeth

Oooo nice Modron. And thanks Teeth!

Here’s an example using BevOb on a curve. Hint: You can change the tilt of a 3D curve, by selecting a control vertex and pressing T

(hm, it’s not in the menus, naughty naughty…)
.blend file:

PS. EnzoBlue: Psst, it’s theeth :wink:

IIRC, this example used a mesh as dupliframe object. I use nurbs surface curve instead now, they’re easier to skin (just remember to do each segment of the rope individualy).

broken: that method is nice too, but I find it easier to have a constant twisting using the dupliframe method. You just have to add two rot keys and set extrapolation.