How to make a RTS?

Is there any tutorial on how to make a RTS or some one Know how to make one?

Big topic.
It’s basically a list of decisions and outcomes.
if player attacks x people, GameLogic.globalDict[“money”] += people*2
and so on
There aren’t really tutorials, so just think what makes an rts

agoose77 is right, creating an RTS is a huge undertaking. You’ll need a solid knowledge of python to pull it off well. Though there’s no strict tutorial on how to create an RTS, the various aspects involved, e.g. path-finding, have topics on the forum dedicated to them. unfortunately there’s very little created in blender to draw upon for guidance in making an RTS, but if you look hard enough for examples, there’s some gems out there( object placement, path-finding …)

if your willing to put the effort in it should be possible but it will be challenging, not to mention time consuming.

I think the best way to construct an RTS would be to plan it thoroughly first and to construct each aspect of the game methodically. e.g. starting with a basic shell (simple bases, single unit, simple enemy) and then adding layers of complexity onto that. ( money, multiple units, complex AI). Bearing in mind that you’ll need to add more later, the code should be clean and modular.

So prepare yourself for tough going, but if your able and willing to complete the project, It should be possible. Good luck!