how to make a shoot em up tutorials post here

how to make a shoot em up tutorials post here

does any one know how to use the walk cycle in game

you make the walk cycle animation and then using the actuator action, animate it when a sensor is triggered.
Search google for walkcycle animation.

I’m pretty sure you have to parent armatures to the person ( of whom you want the walk cycle added to ) then go to the animation, animate the walk cycle with the armatures. Then when your done go back to the model screen. Be sure to select the armatures! Go to the logic tab (F4) Add in new for the sensors, controllers, and the actuators. Under Actuators go: Actuator>Ipo>Play then set frames correctly. If you leave the standard 1 to 1 frames nothing will happen, Good luck.

If you want a tutorial for a “shoot 'em up” game, shouldn’t you look under Tutorials? :confused: Just a thought.

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