How To Make A Silent Hill Like game in Blender??!!..

Hi, everyone

I need help creating a silent hill game in blender, I am a beginner in blender but I am good in Game Maker,
but Game Maker can only support low quality 3D but I know Blender can do a lot more…
So I need help creating an FPS game with a flashlight like this game on Youtube:
Ju On: The Grudge
Is this possible in Blender??.. I mean Silent Hill is a TPS but I want to make in FPS so that there is less work on the animations.

Could someone help me…???

Thanks in advance…

(Sorry for my bad english)

Zyllee O_o

yes you can decidely yes .

at least that you here allergic to python.

with brick i not know,almost never used

i know both gm and silent hill (or a old version)
gm was becoming too “redundant” , so i moving to BGE 1.5 years ago

PS:anyway GameMaker was a good game engine , very easy to use . only was 2D! too “little”

Thanks!.. Do you know any FPS engines or tutorials out there that I can get knowledge from?
I really want to learn Blender so that I can create such scary games!!
They don’t call me “Silent Hill Master” for nothing!!.. I’m addicted to horror!
Anyways!.. thanks for your support!!..

Zyllee O_o

logic bricks never used? i made a galaga like game with a boost, intro screen, main menu and end game without python only logic bricks!(2 days) Anyway, good job on trying to make a horror in blender. I would be ecstatic to help you, but avast my laptop is all i have at the moment. A link to a really great tut on fps is below, it shows many things, even AI. But he does not show how to make a proper limited ammo (which is 10/40 shoots 5 and turns into 10/35), I figured it out with logic bricks.

and your english is great

it’s definitely possible and that is what i am currently working on. not necessarily like silent hill (although resident evil is my favorite game) but a FPS action-scifi-horror game. i’m staying away from logic bricks and only using them when necessary. so far just using them to initiate python code - up to almost 1000 lines of code in 4 different modules. weapons, ammo and powerups are all working as well as the inventory system, attacking, reloading, equipping weapons and items and movement.

the way i started was to outline what my major hurdles would be and then start learning what i needed to overcome those hurdles. i picked up the python pocket reference($15 at barnes and noble) to read through when i was away from the computer to keep learning. most of what you need can be found on this forum but some other stuff you’ll either have to figure out, ask questions or find specific video tutorials. i haven’t seen any full blown ‘build a FPS game from the ground up’ tutorials anywhere.