How to make a simple Loop the Loop?!

Hi everyone, so I was trying to make a loop the loop in blender for a simple car game I’m making but I’m having trouble making my loop nice and uniform. As you can see in the picture I added a circle mesh and scaled it up and then I proceeded to move the vertices one by one in order to create a curvature side ways for my loop the loop in order for the car to pass through it. Then I intend on extruding that edge to a certain length.

How can I curve the edge sideways like that in a uniform way?

Is there a way I can shift all the vertices in such a way that they move by uniform increasing increments?

Also I’m not sure If using the bezier curve would be a better solution. Would it?

Any help is much appreciated!


Proportional editing with a linear falloff would work, I guess.

Screw modifier, curve extra objects addon -> spiral

the screw modifier is your best bet for doing what you want.

Thank you all for your valuable input.
Do you mind if you elaborate? I am unfamiliar with what the "curve extra objects addon --> spiral " is

Screw modifier option, from left:

  • starting cube
  • everything except one edge deleted. Edit mode, select both vertices on an edge, ctrl+i to invert, X -> vertices
  • add screw modifier, switch to axis the rotation should go around, adjust screw value
  • scale and move the edge to adjust the shape of it, re-adjust screw value

Addon option:

  • enable add curve: extra objects from user preferences
  • shift+A -> curve -> spirals
  • adjust values on the operator panel. these don’t tell much, have to try and see what different options are available but spiral type: 4, height per cycle value gives a promising looking spiral
  • adjust twisting and extrude options in object data (curve) properties