How to make a simple Scoreboard with GlobalDict

A simple tutorial on how to setup a scoreboard + user input with minimal python. Uses the global dictionary to save and load different values.

Enjoy! :smiley:

cool man :slight_smile:

Nice video Tim.

Thanks guys :smiley: glad you found it useful!

yeah it is ,
so i,v be wondering , if i want to control my GLSL shading and the sun shadow turn it on or of in the game, is ther a way to do something like that , like changing the texture,s enxsted of the high rez textures to a low baked textures , what will the easy why would be?

To toggle shadows you are probably best off to spawn in a sunlamp with different settings and replace the old lamp.
I would think you would use the videotexture texture module to change the source of the image, otherwise you could use nodes.

oh yeah why havenโ€™t i think of that , thank you so much for giving us your time