How to make a single clip when it's imported to UE4.

Hello everybody,

The other day i had a problem, but it’s resolved by adding my Model with Bones Rig.

It’s about UE4.

Today, i have another problem and that’s the multiple clips (The other it doesn’t move a single inch, but today it moves).

When i import the animation from Blender to UE4, i get 3 clips and each clip only moves his own part and the other parts doesn’t move.

My model is an aircraft, so it’s complicated when it comes to animation when it doesn’t have a lot of guide about it.

So the question is, How do i import it into UE4 while keeping the animation in a single CLIP (Or Animation Sequence)?

A lot of video is about a Human model and when it import, it only get a single clip.

Warning: my Rig has a root, and those 3 part is connected to it (Through Parent).