How to make a skin with adjustable width ?

Hi all :slight_smile: !

I am trying to make a skin with adjustable width for a given solid object. For instance, I would like to create a cube, then make it hollow to a certain extent. I want to be able to adjust the skin width… :yes:.

Is there any way to do that quickly with Blender ?

The only way I have found is to duplicate the object, scale it down by a factor X, then do a boolean difference btween the two… which is a bit boring… Any suggestion ?

Note : The previous technique is not what I actually need. Scaling the object will not give the skin a constant width all over the object if this object is for example very long, the skin in the ends will be much thicker than the skin at the center… :no:


Welcome to the forums! Try this:

  1. Add a cube
  2. Tab into edit mode
  3. Select all verts
  4. Run the Solidify Selection script - At the bottom left of the 3D window, click on Mesh…Scripts…Solidify Selection. Use the default setting to start, tweak to suit.

Now, if you would like to modify the width after running the script, you could select the internal verts and scale. To scale in only 2 axis, press s, then shift & press the axis you don’t want. For example, to scale in X and Y, press s for scale, then shift Z.

Hope this helps - Best of Luck!

the ig will automatically adjust the skin arond the joint to fit !