How to make a sky Dome

I want to put a skydome outside of a building I have modeled so that the sky is visible outside of the windows. I made the half dome from a UV sphere and added the image to the texture, but the image is visible on the outside of the sphere, not the inside. What can I do to get the image on the inside of the sphere. Thanks.

Are you using radio? Instead, try taking half an icosphere, and dupliverting spot lamps onto it.
<edit> oh,…get the image on the inside of the sphere,…try flipping normals, or shift ctrl N, for recalculate normals inside.

for game blender???

calculate normals inside with control+shift+n in edit mode

I’m more worried right know about the image showing up on the inside of the sphere, not soo much the lighting of it yet.

Not for game blender, just for a scene I’m doing.

try shift ctrl N