How to make a SkyBox?

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How can i realize a good working SkyBox? I want to use two Scenes. (Current and Background) The BGr.Scene should have the SkyBox and a separate Camera. Now i have to copy the Rotation of the “Player Cam” in the Curr.Scene to the “Sky Cam” in BGr.Scene. I tried that with Python, but that was to slow and the two Cameras don’t rotate synchronously. Parenting two Cam’s across two Scenes does not work also. Does anybody have an Idea?

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(saluk) #2

Delete the second camera (the one on the background scene) and then right click on the main camera. Press ctrl - l and link it to the background scene. Now it is the same camera across two scenes. On the background scene, select the skybox then shift select the camera. Press ctrl-alt-p to do a vertex parent. Now the skybox should be complete.

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That won’t work when i link the “Player Cam” to the Sky Scene. :frowning: There is nothing to see. I dont know why. But when i make a separate Camera, the Scene will be added. Maybe, because the “Player Cam” is Parent to an Empty? (Like in my Demos. (Park, Gun …)) The linked Sky Cam has the ParentLine too, but the Parent-Object is in an other Scene. Understand? This Empty is set to Actor and contains all the Keyboard and Mouse Sensors, Scripts and Movements. To make that work, i have to link that to the Sky Scene too, but than i have the complette Player-Model twice. Any Ideas? Please Help!

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(saluk) #4

Sorry, use an empty instead. Make the empty linked to the background scene. Parent the camera in scene 1 to the empty, and make a new camera in scene 2 (the background scene) which is also parented to the empty. Make the skybox vertex parented to the empty, and all should be set. Just remember that in your main scene, if you want to rotate the camera rotate the empty instead.

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Nope! That won’t work with parented Objects. Besides, the Empty contains some Scripts. (Mouse …), and when i link the Empty to Scene2 these Scripts will run in both Scenes. I think, all i can do is to conect the Mouse-Script to a new Cam in Scene2, so than both Cams (SCE1 & SCE2) are calculated simultaneously. But thats CPU-Power wastefulness, isn’t it? I don’t like that! That’s the last Way i want to go.

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(wiseman303) #6

One solution would be to just put the skybox in the main scene, scale it so it’s on the limits of the camera’s view, and vertex parent it to the main character. Also make sure ‘colision’ is turned off in the paint buttons.

This way uses no python or extra scenes that slow down the computer.

(saluk) #7

That’s odd, it works for me. The problem with using the skybox in the same scene is that unless it was a perfect sphere, it wont fit right at the camera limits. If it’s truly a box, then you have to scale it so that the CORNERS of the box are at the cameras limits, and when the box lies inside other polygons it causes an ugle jitter effect.

I know I have done this before, maybe I am not remembering right how to do it. But for my automap in soldierdown, I used a link method to keep the character in the right spot on the map. I’ll try and whip up a little example.

(edit: Im wrong, wrong, wrong again. No way to do it with parented objects. Doesn’t make sense, but oh well. Pick the method that will work best for you.)

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didn’t you do this in your Soldier Down game by sending the orientation and location of the camera with a message sensor?

(saluk) #9

Yeah, I probably did do this :slight_smile: Sorry for the confusion, my memory was playing tricks on me I think.