How to make a skydome for a sphere

Hi, I know that this might not be the question that belongs to this part of the forum but hear me out. I know that if you want a skydome or skysphere you need to make one (and I do know how to make one duh) but the issue I come across is when I want to put materials to it. There are some samples out there and people have made their own skydome textures. How do I do this? How do I take a regular picture (square) and make it so it is seamless and fits the sphere. I say sphere because I will need a full sphere (character will not be set on a plane but so to say a bridge in space).

Is this what you need?

No, I need a full sphere, but thank you very much :smiley:

Oh and one more thing, if it angular maps are of low quality then how do you UV map a sphere to a rectangle based images?

Have you tried the “Sphere from View” method in the UV Unwrap menu? Add a UV-Sphere, go to side view and unwrap it with the Sphere from view method. The map you get should look like a grid with peaks at the top and bottom, these are the poles of the sphere.
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I am going to bump this. Does anyone have an answer? How do you UV map a full sphere?