How to make a slightly transparent plastic material?

Hello, I’mm modeling the Skullcandy Aviator Headphones and am not the best at materials, wondering how can i make this sort of transparent glossy plastic on the back of the ear cups. The actual color is black, despite what this image may suggest.

Thanks in advance for the help!

In which render engine (Cycles or BI)?

In Cycles - i’d do the following.

  1. Add a Mix shader and set the Fac value to 0.1
  2. Add a glass shader - plug it into the top node of the mix shader.
  3. Set the glass material to have a roughness of 0.05 - leave the IOR as is - its probably ok for plastic.
  4. Add a Translucent shader and plug it into the bottom node of the mix shader.

That should get you pretty close - then just tweak the colours/values to suit your requirements.

Remember to make your “plastic” cover object have thickness - otherwise it won’t look right.

Moony, using your setup, how would you add a texture image to the “plastic”. Sort of like those emergency exit signs, where the light is inside a case and the front panel is image? Something like this:

The simplest way would be to plug an image texture node* into the colour slot of the glass shader - and just use an image that looks like the sign you want.

*You may also need to use the texture coordinate node before the image texture if you are going to key off the UV unwrap.

Sometimes the simples solutions are the easiest. I was completely overcomplicating it.
Thanks Moony!