how to make a spiral along a path in 3d dimension?

Hi guys,i´m modelling a old style phone and the thing is getting too much difficult for me, i’ve saw some scripts that was wrote to do this work,
but any of them was able to do what i want, i’ve also tried the "screw"option and dupliframes the last was almost there but is also too difficult to draw a spiral in a 3d line with depth, i am just posting this as my last hope, someone must had solved this problem.Just for elucidation that spiral is going to be used as the phone wire. If nobody answer this question i’m going to do just a wire without spiral maybe in the time that the phone was made they didnt exist :D.

You can acomplish this with the screw feature, it just requires a bit of work.
Ill post a mini tute in a little while, after I get some screens and upload them because it should be easier to explain that way.

Heres what i was able to create quickly using this:

Ok heres my attempt at a tutorial for this.

First in front view, create a plane and a line in edit mode and put the cursor on the middle of the line. The longer the line the more the cord will be spaced out:

Hit the Screw button a few times:

In top mode select the vertices from the line in the middle and delete them:

This should give you the basic model for you cord.

yes but how you are going to make a tutorial can you please add curves
along a 3d path? i mean the wire that i am pretending is not a straight line i will post some picture to you know what i mean:

It is not exactly that but i think that it works as a matter of visualization, to get the picture of what i need, the yellow wire i want to be a spiral shape

I was bored. Little tute above. You could deform it using armatures to make it curve i suppose.

If this is what you are trying to do

Look at this thread

Hope this helps

This is not all that accurate, but lots and lots of fun. The T Key Tilt tool on curves is very nifty :wink:

thanks everyone helps a lot i couldnt make it for myself but i will try spin then skinning a nurbs sphere(surface) and add a rot in the ipo i think this is it ! if i got it i will post the result thanks a lot :wink:

broken i couldnt make that tilt on the curve is there a trick?
you were right very fun and is easier to animate a phone cord by that way

i got the function now to make a phone cord just create a bezier curve and then tab>>AKEY create a bezier circle then on the bev ob at the edit button of the curve you fill the name of the circle that is “CircleCurve” by default then select the circle go to edit mode and move it from its center a bit the curve will respond to that. now forget your circle and go to the curve click in a vertice and the TKEY does the rotation spin . Hope this helps someone.This easier to manipulate if you are going to animate later

maybe this is not the final result but almost there

greybeard method is a bit more precise i think and uphere i grabbed the profile circle too far from its center next time i will do less, but that is it
thanks to those who helped me.

Not to take away from the modelling technique being explored here, but isn’t that style of telephone more typically used with a cloth covered cord.

The spiral handset cord wasn’t around until the late 50’s or early 60’s I think.

the one that i have is from 1942 and the cord is spiralled if you want i can send you a picture of it, or maybe my phone is a fake

the one that i have is from 1942 and the cord is spiralled if you want i can send you a picture of it, or maybe my phone is a fake

That’s true according to this:

That’s a very cool website. So I was off by 20 years. Neat.

“…In 1938 retractile, spring, or spiral cords were introduced into the Bell System. A single cotton bundle containing the handset’s four wires were fashioned into a spiral. This reduced the twisting and curling of conventional flat or braided cords. Spiral cords were popular immediately. AT&T’s Events in Telecommunication History [ETH] reported that introduction began in April, with Western Electric providing 6,000 cords by November. Still, even with W.E. then producing 1,000 cords a week, the cords could not be kept in stock…”

thanks for the veracity played here

i ve realised a much better way to do this you have total control and the deformation is smooth if you plan to animate.

in front view make a circle mesh with 8 vertices(can be more, though i will use subsurf later so dont worry about vertices)while in edit mode move(this is the same method that is described here above by magic man so i will be short) the circle right then with ctrl LMB create 2 points left itto use the screw button set it to 360 degree repeat the operation until you have the desired spiral delete the middke profile. Now comes the magic create a path subdivide it once rotate it so will be alligned to the spiral, move up go to object mode and select first the spiral then the path hit
ctrl P and on the pop up box choose curve deform now when you change your vertices from the path in 3 dimensions your spiral will deform along it

thanks to the brazilians who helped me at :

this is my first finished model in blender i didnt learned the textures so well neither the ligths but i got my first model if you give me opinions i would apreciate: