how to make a spiral from an array and may be curve modifier ?

any one remember how to make a spiral using an array and may be other modifier
like a curve or else ?

thanks for any feedback

For the array modifier, you can use the “Object Offset” and set it to an Empty, if you rotate the empty and move it a little you get spiral arrays. The Screw modifier is probably more what you’re looking for, modeling spiral forms is realy easy with it. And there’s the spin and screw tools in editmode, if you don’t want to use modifiers.

Do you mean something like this :

(just a cube with an “array” modifier, and a “simple deform” (set to twist) modifier that use an “Empty” as the center of the spiralling)

nice way to do it now is it possible to do that with a line instead of a cube?

and anyway to have it in 2D no Z axis if possible

i can see the size changing with the empty X Y and Z value !

i’m not really looking for precision here just a general shape like a log spiral i guess

for precision i made a script for spiral !

but i know there is a way i think to make it with a simple array and other modif!