how to make a spiral stair case

i need to make a spiral staircase for a project i am working on. Now not only do i have no idea how to do this there is still one other factor :stuck_out_tongue: the stair case doest spiral down a central pole. The part it spirals around bends instaed of going strait down. really i had a few ideas but none of them worked out

i think there is no other way but building it step by step up your spiral…which means u have to sketch your stAIRS IN A side view and then try to model it…

oh geez…there is gnona be a few hundred stairs. guess ill just put in a line as a guide and get to work

yeah because my axis is not strait that wont really work. the whole way down the angle is changin. i guess i will just make it myself it wont be to bad just didnt want to get to the end then find out i could have done it in 4 min or something

make the mesh straight then you could try putting a curve modifyer up the middle of it ( not sure if this would work but worth a try )