How to make a square with rounded corners ?

i tried just adding subsurf , but then u have a lot of usless vertex.

It would be cool to have the plane with rounder corners mesh to add :confused: aint it?

Rounded square using subsurf

Rounded square using spun corners

Both ways add vertices. Don’t see any way around it. Subsurf uses fewer.

It would be neat to have a rounded rectangle added to the menu. Even neater would be a rounded rectangular prism. Artist would specify external x,y,z dimensions, corner radius, and number of steps.

If you did a search in this forum with keyword “rounded” you probably should find this topic:
You’ll get some nice tips there.

You can use the bevel tool Hit the W key in edit mode, it is just over half way down the list.

The bevel tool works on a cube, but not on a plane. It just makes the plane smaller. Sure takes care of that rounded rectangular prism, though. Thanks, shadowbane! :smiley:

or use a curve - bezier circle with 8 verts/control points

It can also be done with only four control points. Of course if you convert it to mesh you get this

Select all and join tris (at bottom of panel with spin and stuff in Edit mode. they you get nice rectangles. (change the threshold to 1, it works better)