How to make a steering whee?l :/

Silly topic, but I really have NO idea where to start…
it seems so simple, yet I cannot achieve any sort of result w/o extruding… and it looks terrible :frowning:

I’ve got a 2D circle… and it’s filled with faces.
Any ideas/tips you can give me???

This should be in the modeling forum.Post it their or get one of the moderators to move it.

Ahh, sorry. I’ve only ever posted things on the support forum :frowning:
How does one ask the mods to move it?

Ask in the blender artists websight support forum ,for one of the moderators to move your post.But give them the name of your post.

Y’know what, I’ll just find my own way… we can just let this post die, so NO ONE reply please :slight_smile:
Either that, or I’ll ask 'em to delete it or something.
Thanks !

I will ask them for you in the modeling forum of this websight then.Then i will pm you.

lol either you’re really nice and just wanna help, or you really hate useless threads >:-D
Thanks again!