How to make a sun with lens flare?

I’m making a scene in blender, and I need a sun with lens flare. It can’t be with external image editors, because it’s an animation. I was making the sun with a “emitter” sphere, and with the streaks and fog glow glare effects, but i had two problems: 1-> The reflection on the surfaces was full white, instead of a glowing sun, because raymirror is calculated before compositing. 2-> The ghost glare effect in the compositor is really a trash. But, when making with the halo material, i found other two problems: I don’t know how to make a nice lens flare with halo material :frowning: 2-> The halo material fades in the “Mist”, and halo materials don’t have the option “Use Mist”.

So, someone knows a solution? Like a tutorial to “how to make nice lens flare with halo” and a script to make halo don’t fade over mist?

someone plz? A few days ago, blender “bugged” and rendered the halo even with mist activated. But i needed to render without mist, and when i activated mist again, the halo disappeared. And i tried everything, and the halo don’t render. Please someone help me, i need to finish this animation “hyper-fast”, and it’s missing only the sun with the f****** lens flare.