How to make a surface smooth?


I created a cube with rounded corners and some dents. I’m trying to model something similar to a dice.
My problem is that all edges are hard edges, how can I make them smooth?

cube_bake.blend (561 KB)

In 3dsmax I would make all faces share the same smoothing group. Is there something similar to smoothing groups in Blender?

In Maya I would use Hard Edges and Soft edges. Is there something like hard/soft edges in Maya?

I have tried many times selecting the edges and Mesh>Edges>Clear Sharp, but that doesn’t do anything…

Thank you!

Set shading to smooth, enable Auto Smooth and mark selected edges/faces as sharp

Here is how “Dice” geometry looks like with Blender; Subdivided cube with crease setting around the holes, add Subdivision modifier, and finally add Edge Split modifier.

Thank you Richard, that worked, but the flat faces now have some weird normals:

Thanks for the tip about how to make a dice… those are almost the same steps I use in 3dsmax and knowing them in Blender will help!