how to make a texture like the one below

how to make a texture like the one below,i have both gimp and photoshop.:slight_smile:

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Hello, you need to unwrap your model. If that is done(and this is not easy if you would not understand it well) than other Programms Like Zbrush but now also Blender itsself got a Texture paint mode. If you Paint on your Model, it will look like this.

This is an UV image, its created using UV coordinates.

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actually i just need a tutorial on how to make a face texture in gimp or photoshop

Hello alamkira,

The thing is, that you must be very skilled artist to draw such a texture.
The good news is that Blender ‘projection painting’ feature would do it for you, if you provide 2 ‘plain’ textures, side and front one. See example at

If you do not have these two textures, ‘texture paint’ mode is a solution.

thanks but i already know how to use projection paining i want to knowh ow to make my own textures and could you please show me an example of texture paint

Here you go.

here’s a little tut about Blender and TheGimp together: