How to make a tree

I’m currently working on a project, a little house in a snowy landscape. You can view an early WIP screenshot here:

As you could have guessed, I now want to add some trees to the scene. Just simpel trees, without leaves. Here’s a photo of how I want them to be:

The problem is, I’m still quite new to Blender, and I can’t think of any way to build such trees (I tried a tree generator, but that didn’t really work). So any help would be really appreciated, thanks in advance!

Did you try Lsystem in python and plugins?

I have to admit, I have no idea what you’re talking about :-|.

Follow the link in my sig to find out how to use python scripts.

And here is a link to a ‘tree.blend’ that was the precursor to lsystem and is much easier to use. Will probably only work with 2.23 and may work without a python install (no promises)

To model a tree yourself add a circle and extrude it upwards scaling and moving each exytude to give you taper and varience. Then go back and select one or two faces where you want the branches, and extrude them the same way using rotate to get them bent. Then use the proportion editing tool ‘O’ to move things around. Keep it low poly till you need to add detail.


Hi soulsaver,

Check out the information in the posts here:

I used the information to make 2d trees look like 3d. It works great for trees with leaves. If you can find tree pictures without leaves, it should work the same.

The tree.blend file is unavailable for download, so I guess that won’t work. I don’t know if you get a realistic looking tree by just extruding circles, but I can try. Thanks for the tips.

Sounds good, thanks for the information. Have you any idea where I can get alpha map pictures of trees, or should I create these myself by ‘cutting’ trees out of pictures?

soulsaver wrote:

Sounds good, thanks for the information. Have you any idea where I can get alpha map pictures of trees, or should I create these myself by ‘cutting’ trees out of pictures?

I did a search on Google for alpha mapped trees and found several, but they have leaves. If you find pictures of trees without leaves or you take pictures yourself of them, that would work. I used Photoshop to make the alpha channel, but you might be able to use Gimp, if you don’t have PS.

I couldn’t find a good photo with a leaveless tree to use as alpha map, so I’m trying to create my own 3D tree now, using the circle-extract method Fligh % suggested. It doesn’t look that bad, but what I have so far is not really tree-like either. If anyone has any other tips on how to build nice trees without leaves in Blender, please post them here, I really appreciate any help.


I just finished my own tree. It took me about 2 hours, and even though it isn’t state of the art, I’m content with the way it looks. I simply made 4 copies of that tree, because I really didn’t feel like doing 4 other trees. Anyway, here’s a picture of how it looks right now:

This might not be the WIP forum, but C&C is welcome anyway.

2 crits:

  1. click on OSA before rendering to smooth off the jagged edges
  2. your branches should branch out in more directions.

Advice: Trees are a pain to make. Especially when you want more than one. If you see a good tree, download it, and just select the trunk/branches>>click select swap>>delete the leaves.

  1. OSA is already on, even at 16x. I guess you weren’t viewing the picture in it’s original format (800x600). Internet Explorer crops images down if they don’t fit on the screen, which results in ugly edges. This is probably the case, since the edges of the picture itself are smooth.

  2. I really did my best to do this while building the tree, but it didn’t really turn out the way I wanted it. You said it yourself, trees are a pain to make :).

Thanks for your comments.

Hey, what’s wrong with that. The trees suit the style of the rest of the pic.


It is a cool tree, I just think it could stand to branch out in a couple of more directions. He did say he wanted crits after all.


That’s true. Critics are necessary if you want to improve your work, so all crits are welcome. That was why I said “thanks for your comments”. I really appreciate it if people are trying to help me in any way.