how to make a tube go through an object??

Hello there!! :wink:

i would like to have a long tube going through a circle.
what im creating looks like a molecule ( there are four circles, placed in a square and i would like to have a tube going through the cirlcles and come out the other end)
how do i make the tube so it will appear as though its inside the circle and coming out the other end please?

bina :o)

I would like to help you, but from your description, i cannot visualize exactly what you are trying to do. Would it be possible for you to add an illustration?

ok i hope i can explain this better!!

if you click on this link you can see some molecules. im trying to do them on blender, but i dont want that many i only want four circles (or is it spheres?) and the tube (the long tube that links the circles together) to go through the circles so when i render it, it looks as though the tubes go through each of the circles rather than over…

better explanation?? i hope so.

Are your molecules going to be transparent or opaque?


Ok, it sounds like what you want is basically a string of beads. you’ll need to use ‘bev ob’ function probably. Make a bezier curve, and a bezier circle. For the curve click the button in edit buttons that says ‘3D’, and extrude/tweak the curve into the shape you want, then in edit buttons look for a blank field labelled ‘bev ob’, and in that field, type in the name of the circle, as it appears in the object field. This means, not the name of a the curve, but of the object. you can rename it if you want, but by default it will be called ‘circle’ i believe. anyway, type the name of your circle in the bev ob field of your curve, and the curve will take on the shape of the circle as it’s thickness. Are you following? Is this what you want?
<edit> I think I am going to make a little tutorial to supplement the modelling thread on using bev ob, because the only current tut on it that I know of is not terribly clear.

ok im really lost in the bev ob, and all… ive not used the bezier curve n circle before :-?

im giving it a go to see what i get… if no go i will ask again…

thank you Modron!!

Create several spheres and several tubes and resize and move everything to the intended position.

<EDIT> Example

That’s another way to do it I guess, but if you learn how to use bev ob you will find a million uses for it down the road, and it’s the only way to fly if you want to be able to adjust it, since a curve is not a solid thing, you can bend it any old time any old where.

do you know of any good tutorials from ur experience, that introduce BevOb? that i may be able to learn from please ?

no the only one I know of confused me actually, and i have no idea where it can be found since it didn’t work for me, but you might be able to find something by doing a search of the forum using the search function.

Theeth once wrote a molecule import script to import the XYZ format and basic PDB format. I didn’t use it for a while and now I can’t get it to run (suppose has something to do with python version).

If you can name your “molecule” or have a coordinate file (I hope it’s a small one) I could try to make it a blend file. My procedure is a bit lenghty and hard to explain (uses several file convertes).