How to make a tube.

I want to make a tube.But I want to make it wihtout planes.

How to make a tube in blender?

Shift+A-> Cylinder.

Ah tubes ! Just the thing for modeling the internet. You’ll need a series of them though.

Shift+A Mesh> Cylinder
Shift+A Surface > NURBS Cylinder

You’ll find the NURBS Cylinder much smoother than the Mesh. Perfect for modeling the internet or internets !

If you need more complex tubes, first create a Bezier Curve the describes the path you want your tube to go, then create a Curve Circle that is the same diameter as you want your tube to be. Don’t make a Mesh Circle.

Then select the Bezier Curve again. In the properties window, select the Object Data button from the header. Now, in the Geometry sub-panel, you will find a button labeled Bevel Object. Select your Curve Circle.

Now you have a very free-form tube.

What type of tube? Straight, curved, with some thickness, what cross section, high resolution, low resolution etc etc. Please be more specific and show an image of what you want.
What do you mean without planes ? Without starting with a plane object or you want the curve smooth shaded or something else ?