How to make a type

Do anyone here know how to make a type i can use in word

you’d need a custom font-making program… I just googled and tried to find some free ones but none without shareware limitations. the cheapest is $80 and I saw some for $600

Don’t pay $80! I’m positive i’ve seen free ones, just can’t remember where. In fact, I think I remember a basic one being in Windows itself, but that may not be. keep looking

Fontforge is a BSD-licensed font making program. It takes some getting used to, but then so does everything. FCP’s freeware version is pretty good too, that’s what I used before I got into Linux.

I’ve used fontforge. It is just what you need, so long as it runs in Windows (I haven’t checked). The workflow is actually pretty nice, then comes the drudgery of making 27 * 2 + punctuation + numbers, characters, which is less nice.

Good luck.


now i got Frontforge.
they wright that i should downlaod (so i can open BZ2 files) Cygwin witch i did.
but how to run this program (it is opening a DOS like box were my name i written.


Cygin is a linux emulator for windows if i recall correctly. I’d look for a standalone window app instead if i were you…

??? im not sure that i know what you mean???