How to make a UV seam less visible?

I have come across a slight seam problem that has been bugging me, is their any way to get rid of the small black line that seems to always show where a UV map has been cut. On the image below if you look closely you will see a small line curveing around the forehead.


You need to make the texture to bleed out of the UV zone by a fair margin , by example :

The more that bleeding is going out , the less you’ll see the seam problem.

Additionally, try to have the whole unused part of the texture to be of the same color tone of the used part of the texture.
In the example i posted, my model is white, but in the UV map the unused part of the textures are black, that’s not good, instead of black it should then be white to avoid definitively the problem.
By example :

The empty area are +/- the same color tone as the used area of the uv map

Thanks ill have a look at doing that, how did you get the bleed btw? Some form of blur tool in a image manipulation software or something in blender?

I did it in GIMP with making a selection, then using the Smudge tool with a very small spacing.
Maybe there’s some automated tool from doing this, but i don’t know.

If you’re painting directly in Blender, in the Texture Paint Mode you have a “Bleed” setting in the T panel (to the left of the screen), increasing it -a lot- could result in something like this
If you’re baking (ambient occlusion by example), there’s a “Margin” setting that do the same

kk thanks.

Or you can use this script in gimp to bleed the texture

Roba the author of this script: Left hand image is the original, Middle is with transfer alpha to mask not checked, right is with it checked:

Thank you a very lot Etana, i had no idea this script existed for GIMP, it will make editing my textures so much simpler for me.

Took me a bit of time to understand how to install, once put into the script folder in my GIMP directory, the function is now found in Layer -> Transparency -> “Bleed colours into transparent areas”

No problem!

That script is really a time/life safer. All thanks to roba for making such a excellent script for GIMP.

Everyone who uses blender to bake textures and uses GIMP to edit those textures should have this script installed in GIMP.