How to make a vehicle "totaled"?

I was just wondering, I have a nice little racing game going on, the goal is to ‘total’ all the other cars to win! :evilgrin:
BUT!!! How would I make it after touching a car a couple times (only 2-3) make him not move anymore?
And possibly end the object without removing the actual car from the track?

I could just do an ‘add object’ after touching it to spawn the exact car, it’d be simplest (to me lol)
but there are going to be a couple different colored cars (somewhere in the double-digits) so it could be time-consuming and pretty pointless.


Ok, so, use torque, or rotation to drive an axel, use rigid body for the wheel, have health on the wheel that is subtracted by impact with wall or other cars, upon health 0 use python to break the link, the wheel will fall off, do this to enough pieces… And wrecks would be… Intresting,

I can think of multiple techniques:

  • different “crashed models” applied with replaceMesh
    +++ good for heavy mesh changes (shattered windows, destruction holes)
  • shape key actions or armature actions
    +++ good for animated deformations
  • mesh modify with Python
    +++ good for small random variations
    — (remember to make a separate copy with LibNew)

You can even combine these techniques.

Beside that you should adjust the driving parameters after a crash e.g. lower engine power, limited steering etc.