How to make a wind effect on hair

How can I make the hair of my character blow in the wind?


Depends on your style of hair. Is it particle? Mesh? Curve?

The hair consists of mesh.

So its a mesh. Converted from curves or sculpted? Its it one mesh or a lot of separated but joined to one?

The hair particle system has special features for that but you cant use that. Without that option you either need to try an animated displacement modifier or some of the physic systems like soft body or so to animate it with a force field.

You can also rig it and try the wiggle bone add-on that animates it automatically to the motion of the head.

It is sculpted and consists of different mesh hair strands that are rigged with bones and placed on the head.
I use the wiggle bone add-on to make the hair follow the characters motion, but I can’t find a way to make the hair move when the character stands still and there by simulating wind. Or is there a method with wiggle bone add-on to achieve that?

Maybe this helps?

When the armature needs to react to a force field you need some sort of physics calculation. I am actually surprised that wiggle bones is not supporting that…

Thank you, I can ask the wiggle bones author if it is possible to incorporate this in the future version

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