How to make an animation play anywhere

when i create an animation for like vaulting a wall or running up a wall or something when i play it in the game engine ill run to the wall or whatever and press the key to play the animation and my character will teleport and end up back at the center of the grid. The animation will only play where i had keyframed it to, how do i get around this and play the animation wherever in the map.

Use the “Add” option on the action actuator.

i usually parent the animated rig to a bounding box or empty and move that with physics if need be.

thank you that solves one problem but if i have parented the animated rig to a box, for collision with objects , how would that move the box over the wall

thank you but how would i move the box over the wall with the animated rig

do like a wasd direction sensor with motion, then add a spacebar jump key sensor and add motion to that.

thank you i think i can make it work, thanks again also can anyone direct me to anywhere which helps me with bge multiplayer?